Dom Salvador wines are finely produced at Quinta da Torre, in the Monção and Melgaço sub-region, since 1976. Excellent in presentation and flavour, they have a character and personality that distinguishes them from the rest.

They are genuine wines, of unquestionable quality, that convey the essence of their origin – vines and terroir.

From the singular nectar to the incomparable heritage that sustains history, Dom Salvador Wines are the personification of the “Man behind the wine”, which sublimely gives us to discover an extraordinary selection of Alvarinho wines.

Clear appearance with citrus tones. Dom Salvador Alvarinho combines the rich structure typical of the queen variety of the varied white varieties, with the minerality and citrus aromas typical of the sub-region. A very elegant and captivating white wine.

Dom Salvador Alvarinho Trajadura has an incredible complicity and provides a wine with elegance with fruity and distinct aromas that are found in the minerality and citrus aromas typical of the sub-region.

Dom Salvador Alvarinho Loureiro is an incredibly well achieved blend with two more exuberant varieties of the Vinho Verde Region, Alvarinho and Loureiro. This combination produces a wine with a very pleasant freshness and smoothness.

Dom Salvador Espumante is produced with unpressed tear must, aged in a bottle for 24 months at a controlled temperature and harmonizing the variety using the classic method. All this combination makes it a sparkling wine with unique characteristics of freshness and elegance on the palate. Definitely a sparkling wine for any special occasion.

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