our farm

Located in Melgaço, on the banks of the river Minho, Quinta da Torre has been owned by the Salvador family since 1976.

It is here, on 5 hectares of land, where, guided by our strong winemaking tradition, we produce Dom Salvador, an Alvarinho wine of excellence, given its personality and elegance, which reveals passion and dedication.

The main structure of the farm was built in 1929 and, since then, it has been inhabited by the family, who decided to maintain, in the surrounding architecture, many of the characteristics of the period. This was followed by several investments over the years, with emphasis on the construction, in 1995, of a new, modernly equipped winery, which allowed for an increase in the production and quality of our wines. 

This evolution does not compromise tradition, as a factor that characterizes the company and the region where it operates. On the contrary, it preserves the essence of our Alvarinho wine. 

We are proud of our past and face the future with the responsibility to maintain our unshakeable commitment to producing genuine and authentic nectars, which convey the essence of their origin – vines and terroir.