Passion is to be shared

We are a family that embraced a project we are proud of and want to see grow. An exciting project that conveys what we feel: love and passion, both for wine and for our region. 

In the hands of our family for more than 30 years, we are now working to recreate the “Dom Salvador” brand and create a portfolio of wines in which we believe, always maintaining a strong connection to family traditions and a legacy we respect. , proudly. 

Our primary objective is to present genuine and sincere wines, made with passion, from people to people.



Born in Melgaço and son of the founders of “Vinhos Dom Salvador”, Jorge has a great connection to nature, his land and traditions. He has been linked to the project since its inception, participating in the elaboration of the first bottles produced in his cellar. Over the years, he has acquired extensive experience in wine making. With strong convictions, he believes in valuing the terroir and making genuine wines. Jorge is currently the owner of “Vinhos Dom Salvador and is primarily responsible for the wines produced and for the management of the company.


Jorge's wife, and with him she shares the dedication and passion for wine, namely in this iconic region. More than dedicating 100% nowadays to the “Vinhos Dom Salvador” project, he adds all his creativity and dynamism, which he has acquired throughout his professional career. With a degree in Management and Sales and a personal taste for communication and personal contact, he embraced the internal and external commercial area, as well as the company's Marketing and Communication.


Member of the third generation of the Salvador family, Renato grew up and worked in the field from a very young age, which allowed him to acquire a great connection to viticulture. Effort and dedication are the main characteristics that identify him. He has the demanding task of controlling production and the cellar. He is a constant presence in all areas of the project, in which he always transmits his contagious enthusiasm.